Retreats heal the soul….

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September 15, 2014 – Rev. Greg Dorst

A “recovery retreat” like the one that as many as 16 of our Other Bar recovering women attended the weekend of September 12-14, is an opportunity to experience joy, growthvand an unparallelled sense of community. The tradition of retreats in the recovery community sets us apart from many other groups as the event typically has a definite spiritual aim. This year, our attendees experienced the healing consciousness of Louise G., as facilitator. Being “present” in the here and now is a skill that takes a “Kit” of spiritual tools. We would like to hear what new tools are now in your “Kit” as a result of your attendance at this transformational event. Please leave us a comment about your experience at the Malibu W omen’s Retreat held at the beautiful Serra Retreat Center.

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