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California Bar Journal

Are Bar Associations Spreading the Recovery Message?

The Bar Associations below have established a reciprocal link to The Other Bar website. If your Bar Association is interested in creating such a link, please contact us. We suggest if you create a reciprocal link to The Other Bar, your website mention with the link that we provide support for substance abuse recovery in the legal community.

What does the State Bar of California say about chemical dependency?

What is the Commission on Lawyers Assistance Programs of the American Bar Association (COLAP)?

Are there articles and research sources that address the addiction problem in the legal community?

Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Can alcoholics and addicts also have behavioral addictions?

Is there recovery help tailored toward judges?

Is there help for my self destructive thoughts?

Does stress or depression play a part in my chemical dependency?

Is there a 12 step program for me?