Fall Retreats: How Was Your Experience?

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Recently, both the Women’s and Men’s Fall Spiritual Retreats took place.  These events are greatly anticipated by regular attendees, and reliably provide a much-needed time out from the day to day demands of personal and professional life.  Spending an entire weekend in a beautiful setting focussing on serenity and spiritual growth with like-minded individuals is a great way to recharge your recovery and get back in touch with what is really important to happiness and personal well- being.

It seems to be the case every year: folks show up at the registration table in various degrees of fatigue, negativity, and ill-mood.  Then, as the weekend unfolds, the energy improves, cameraderie develops, and usually by about Saturday dinner, a genuine feeling of shared spirituality begins to take over.  By Sunday departure, warmth and goodwill prevail, and participants go home having truly benefitted from a revitalizing growth experience.  Hopefully, that is “how it works.”

If you attended this year, please check in here and share your experiences with the rest of us.  We can maximize the positive effect of these retreats by discussing with each other the insights and realizations we personally experienced.  So, how was it for you?