Check Out the Spring Networking

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Every year, The Other Bar holds an annual Spring Networking.  As the name implies, this is a yearly opportunity for members of The Other Bar from across the state to gather in order to meet folks from different meetings and different areas than their own, and make, strengthen or renew connections with fellow recovering attorneys.

This event differs from the fall retreats in a number of ways.  Unlike the retreats, the networking is “coed”: all men and woman are welcome. Additionally, since it is more of a social event and a little less oriented to intensive recovery work, spouses and other family members are also invited to attend and enjoy the amenities and attractions available at the networking site, which is chosen with that in mind.

Because of our mission and shared purpose, the networking still has a very strong recovery focus.  Multiple Other Bar meetings are held daily. MCLE’s in the three mandatory topics (Ethics, Bias, and Substance Abuse) are provided.  The Saturday evening dinner banquet serves as a semi-formal opportunity for celebrating and honoring the legacy and work of the organization.  Typically, members are recognized for their outstanding service, outgoing officers are acknowleged and appreciated, and incoming officers are introduced.  The event is capped by an inspiring keynote speaker selected for his or her knowlege, experience, and contributions in the field of recovery.

This a great event, and well worth attending. You can learn more, as well as register, by clicking on the “Events” tab on this site.  Scholarships are available to those for whom financial considerations would make attendance difficult or impossible.  If you are new to The Other Bar, we want to make it possible for you to be at the networking as a way of solidifying your recovery and your relationship with the organization. (To inquire about scholarships, call or mail the consultant by clicking on the “Consultant” tab.)

For those of you who have attended the networking, please consider taking a moment to comment here and share some of your experience for the benefit of newcomers and those contemplating joining us for the first time. See you in the Spring!

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