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2017 Spring Networking

The Other Bar’s annual Spring Networking is fast approaching. It will be held the weekend of April 21-23 at the beautiful Catamaran Hotel Resort and Spa on the waterfront in San Diego. If you have ever attended this event, you know how worthwhile it is, and I hope you plan to join us this year… Read more »

2014 Men’s Retreat in Malibu

The Men’s Retreat in Malibu featured beautiful scenery, great food, wonderful fellowship and a whole host of tools for recovery and transformation. Post your comments on your own personal experience; perhaps others will choose to get involved with our next retreat and share in our joy and personal progress. Next year, Yosemite… Greg DorstThe Other… Read more »


I am reminded that real change often takes repetition of thought and action. Sometimes the repetition is simply making the trek to a meeting where one will eventually find fellowship and accountability, two necessary elements given our histories. But, what is it that we really have to change? Consider the following…..The first 100, in writing… Read more »

Anything New?

Paging through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous I find myself saying “I don’t remember reading this before…” But, I know that I have read it many, many times before. After all, my home group is a Big Book Study and I have read the “Book” from the “Roman Numerals” beginning with the “Preface” through… Read more »

Retreats heal the soul….

September 15, 2014 – Rev. Greg Dorst.. A “recovery retreat” like the one that as many as 16 of our Other Bar recovering women attended the weekend of September 12-14, is an opportunity to experience joy, growthvand an unparallelled sense of community. The tradition of retreats in the recovery community sets us apart from many… Read more »


A quick look at the date of the last blog entry in this space may provide some insight as to why the above topic was chosen for this missive. Procrastination also happened to be the topic introduced at a recent Other Bar meeting attended by about 25 recovering attorneys in Marin. A lively discussion ensued.… Read more »

Check Out the Spring Networking

Every year, The Other Bar holds an annual Spring Networking.  As the name implies, this is a yearly opportunity for members of The Other Bar from across the state to gather in order to meet folks from different meetings and different areas than their own, and make, strengthen or renew connections with fellow recovering attorneys.… Read more »

Fall Retreats: How Was Your Experience?

Recently, both the Women’s and Men’s Fall Spiritual Retreats took place.  These events are greatly anticipated by regular attendees, and reliably provide a much-needed time out from the day to day demands of personal and professional life.  Spending an entire weekend in a beautiful setting focussing on serenity and spiritual growth with like-minded individuals is a… Read more »