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The Other Bar is now accepting advertising on its web site. Advertisements are limited to individuals and entities offering services The Other Bar, Inc. Board of Directors has determined are relevant to recovery in the legal community. The approved topic areas are currently limited to the following: State Bar Discipline and Professional Ethics Attorneys.  All advertisements are accessible by topic area on the Sponsors Page. Advertisements will be in the form of an informational ad that is business card size (approximately 400px by 230px) and a link to the advertisers web site, or if the advertiser does not have a web site, the advertisers contact information. For additional donations ads may appear on selected pages that provide local Other Bar meeting information.

Your donations help make our services possible. If you or your organization have any questions about placing an advertisement, contact Any questions regarding this website, contact

The Other Bar Website Advertising


  1. State Bar Discipline and Professional Ethics Attorneys
    - Click here to make a $500/year donation

An advertisement on this website is not an endorsement of, or referral to, the individual or entity placing the advertisement. The Other Bar does not guarantee the quality of service or success of services offered or rendered by its advertisers. Advertising has been limited to topic areas of interest to those in recovery, just entering recovery, or exploring recovery options.